Synthetic reeds for woodwind instruments

From master hand for a master hand

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LnK Reeds

The passion for music brought two different worlds together: Leitner & Kraus, a renowned manufacturer of clarinets, and neo-plastic, a technology company in the plastics industry. This connection led to the founding of LnK Reeds. Tradition and innovation come together to redefine the world of woodwind instruments.

The story begins with Hubertus Franckenstein and Wolfgang Kraus. Hubertus is a passionate piano and saxophone player. Wolfgang is a dedicated clarinet maker. Hubertus would like to play plastic reeds, but the incomparable sound of a wooden reed remains unmatched. Wolfgang seeks perfection in the clarinet sound and suffers from the uncertainties that wooden reeds bring with them.

Hubertus and Wolfgang founded LnK Reeds out of a longing for the warm sound of a wooden reed and the pursuit of the best sound performance. They combined the know-how of Leitner & Kraus in clarinet manufacturing and the technological expertise of neo plastic.

Specifically, Leitner & Kraus brought an understanding of the intricacies of a reed and how sound is created, while neo-plastic added expertise in plastic materials and processes. Their common goal was to develop reeds that are the best in their class for professional musicians and that lead to sound success for beginners the fastest.

It was a hard road full of challenges. Initial attempts were not very successful, but with determination and perseverance - after 5 years of development - the perfect material was found: harmless to health and stable in shape, with a patented blade geometry that combines the sound properties of a wooden blade with the advantages of a plastic blade.


“For more than 50 years we have been dedicated to the perfect combination of material and form.

Our performance principle for
We call your success: Performance in Plastics.”

Hubertus of and to Franckenstein
Managing Partner neo-plastic

Leitner & Kraus

Josef Leitner and Wolfgang Kraus founded their company in 1993 with a passion for clarinet making and innovative ideas. An improvised basement workshop became a company that combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology. Today, Leitner & Kraus' high-quality clarinets are valued by musicians all over the world. Each instrument is made with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

Leitner & Kraus